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*Waves hi* !! 

I am glad you were able to find my little place on the internet.

Moncton NB, East coast Canada is home for me. Enjoying a cozy lifestyle with my mister, fur baby Wilson and our sweet horses Philly and Taffy. 

During the summer, when not behind the camera, I can often be found in our garden and out enjoying nature. Sunrise and sunset kinda girl who loves a rainy day.
Obsessed with good coffee, house plants and diy projects.  
My mister and I love to travel, wanderlust says one trip a year is a must.  
(Yes, totally available for elopements and destination weddings!) 

Chasser of natural light, lover of whimsically romantic images and meaningful details. Capturing connections and special moments that last a lifetime is what I do.
Helping people feel comfortable and confident in front of my lens is what I love.
After 8 years of being a photographer, I'm seriously lucky to be able to call this my life. 

I'd love to connect, let's chat! 

Reach out directly tiafennelly@gmail.com or VIA The contact section here!

Check out the blog!!  https://tiafennelly.wordpress.com/