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*Waves hi* !! 
I'm Tia, a natural light wedding photographer in the Moncton New Brunswick area enjoying a cozy lifestyle with my little dire wolf, Wilson.

Ever since I was little, knew I'd be an artist and an entrepreneur. 
I shot my first wedding 9 years ago, at the request of a friend... I pretty much thought she was crazy.
I had only ever taken pictures of flowers and my dog. But I agreed (Thanks Isabelle!)
...When my nerves finally calmed down three days later, my little soul was on fire and I never looked back. I'm so grateful to work with some of the most incredible humans. From my awesome brides, grooms, industry peers and everyone in between.
My 8 year old self would be proud.

I'm guilty of getting emotionally invested in my clients and wouldn’t change a thing.
It's what helps me tell your story. We'll for sure become pretty tight by the time THE day comes. I'll be there for you during any potential wedding plan meltdowns, join you for wedding dress shopping and be present for some of your most vulnerable moments. Creating that relationship is one of my fave parts of our experience together. 

Something that set's me apart from the pack?
My nearly decade of experience as a Bridal Stylist. I have helped nearly a thousand brides
"Say Yes" which created a healthy obsession (ok, sort of out of hand) for wedding dresses.
Keeping in touch with bridal industry friends allows me to see trends and be aware of what's to come. That also means, during your day, I'll be paying attention to allll the details.

Last minute bustle before your reception? I got you.
Colour palet advice? I got you... 
Don't want to spend $600 on a cathedral veil? I got you
(seriously, I have a beautiful curated collection of accessories ready to be your something borrowed)
Need your dress steamed before the wedding? I got you. 
Like photography, It all comes second nature to me. And yeah, I'd totally LOVE to join you on your dress shopping journey, as your photographer / personal stylist! 

Chaser of moments. Lover of whimsically romantic images, sunset portraits and meaningful details. My aesthetic of wedding photography is soft yet moody, raw and emotional, empowering and authentic. Like real life, the ebb and flow of a wedding day is what keeps me on my toes like a #weddingninja. 

Personally, my vibe is est trés east coast • Laid back and cool... but still kinda extra. 
Dog Lover . Believer in the universe . Journal obsessed.
When not behind the camera or planning world domination, I'm out in nature exploring with Wilson. Always inspired by my surroundings. 
All about house plants, good coffee and DIY projects.  
A girl with an adventurous soul who travels often. #fernweh
And if you have dog, it's obligatory that we cuddle.

Fluent in French, english and Chiac.
My favourite food group is Pie
And I love what I do. 

Let's grab coffee ( or whiskey..or wine. Whatever floats your boat ) and get to know each other!
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